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I started out selling saxophones in 1992 soon after taking up the soprano saxophone. Over the years I have expanded my business into selling all kinds of instruments, and more recently classical guitars, and pianos. 

Selling Grand Pianos


Restoring Steinway and other grand pianos is a more recent passion of mine. My aim is to restore my pianos to the highest possible performance levels, while keeping prices reasonable.  I am a member of the Piano Technicians Guild.

Selling Guitars


I acquired my first Kenny Hill guitar while taking classical guitar lessons 12 years ago. My love for the guitar and a fortuitous personal connection with the Hill Guitar Shop led to my becoming a Hill Guitar dealer. I now sell Hill New World Guitars to students, amateur, and pro players.

  Joe Burros, Owner   
Music and Me


I guess I have music in my bones. I started out playing the guitar at 10 years old, added the cello when I was 14, then picked up a little bit of sax and piano along the way. After three years at the Chicago Musical College, leaving my dreams of becoming a classical composer behind, I decided to make music a passionate hobby instead of my main vocation. I love all types of music, especially classical, opera,  jazz piano and classical piano. I regularly attend concerts and listen to my glorious 12,000 Lp record collection.

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