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  Kenny Hill Professional Classical Guitars for Sale  

 Hill Signature  

The Signature model is Kenny HIll's top of the line. It is designed to give discerning players greater tonal nuance and range than traditional instruments. The doublet nomex sandwiched spruce and cedar top, along with the elevated fingerboard, lattice bracing, sound ports, and French polish combine to make this a concert instrument suited for the most demanding player.


The Signature is available with either cedar or spruce on top, Cites Certified East Indian rosewood back and sides, and Sloane stippled ebony tuners. Custom built versions of this guitar are available in 640, 630, & 615mm scale sizes, 7/8 or 3/4 body size, and with fan bracing as an alternative to the standard lattice bracing.  Made in the Hill California shop.

Call for Availability  here for specs & more pictures

 Ergonomic Model  

The Ergonomic model is a special guitar that Kenny Hill developed for his own playing, but has become popular with many of his customers. It is designed for maximum playing comfort without sacrificing anything in tone or response. The guitar has a 640mm scale length, a lower bought cutout for added  right arm comfort, and  a tapered wedged body that is slightly narrower on the bass side of the guitar, thereby letting the guitar lean more toward the player. These design features greatly increase the ease of playing the guitar.

Other standard features of this guitar include a Double Top, elevated fingerboard, and sound ports. Various custom options are also available.  Made in the Hill California shop.

Call for Availability  here for specs & more pictures

 New Centry Model  

The New Century model has the double top of cedar or spruce with a standard non-elevated fingerboard.  with select Indian rosewood back and sides.


This guitar is basically the same as the Signature Model, but without the elevated fingerboard, so it costs less, but sounds fantastic.

Call for Availability  here for specs & more pictures


For many years Kenny has been implementing innovations on his designs seeking a new modern sound. No longer building the Master Series, there have been very few guitars for players seeking traditional solid top instruments coming out of our shop.

In response to that, we are now offering the HERITAGE guitars, with solid Engelmann Spruce and Western Red Cedar tops, with traditional bracing patterns. These guitars have great projection and the traditional sound you've been looking for.

Call for Availability   here for specs & more pictures

 Anniversary  Model  

The Anniversary model is the ultimate Hill Guitar with premium Braziliam rosewood back and sides, a special designed headstock and bridge decoration, jewell like tuners, wonderful aromatic finish, and unique binding and purflings. It comes with a Visesnut case and cover.

A number of custom options can be incorporated into the guitar depending upon the needs of the player, such as an ergonomic design, custom fretted in-tune necks, and other design features. These guitars are special order only. Kenny expects them to go to special hands, persons and professionals who can appreciate the value and the personal touch that goes into building them.

Call for Availability  here for specs & more pictures

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