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 Fingerstyle Nylon String Guitars & Amplifieded Packages for Sale 

 Player Fingerstyle Model 
Kenny Hill New World Player Fingerstyle Model  

The newest version of the Hill New World Fingerstyle Cutaway Player Model is hands down, the best sounding nylon fingerstyle guitar on the market for its price, producing a warm, ringing, projecting tone. Most guitars from other makers only sound good when being amplified. The Hill Fingerstyle sounds great whether playing with or without a pickup.


The guitar has a narrower neck with a 48mm nut, and radiused fingerboard for ease of playing. The scale length is now 640mm, instead of the previous 650mm size. This allows for an easier stretch when playing complicated chords. The cutaway design enables easy access to the highest frets. Like all Player Model guitars, the Fingerstyle Cutaway is hand made and comes with either a spruce or cedar top, solid Indian Rosewood sides, and an ebony fingerboard.

Price: $2,295

 Estudio Fingerstyle Model 
Kenny Hill New World Estudio Fingerstyle Model  

Details coming soon...

Price: $1,140

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