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 Classical and Fingerstyle Guitars for Sale 

 The largest stock of Kenny Hill guitars in New England 

Guitars can be seen and played at our showroom in Springfield, Massachusetts 


We take the time to help you find the size and model guitar that is just right for you. This process often involves your instructor who can help select the guitar that is easiest to play, and has the best tone, dynamics, and responsiveness. Add to this the most attentive and thorough customer service available.  

Quick Reference Model & Price Guide Below:

Kenny Hill New World Guitars by Hill Guitar Company

Estudio & Player models have Western Red Cedar or Spruce tops, Indian Rosewood back & sides, and neck truss rod.

Estudio Classical Model - Available in four sizes, 650, 640, 628, 615mm scale

   $1,050 w/padded gig bag; $1,100 w/hard shell case

These guitars are the best quality instruments you can buy at this price level.

Estudio Fingerstyle Model 

$1,140  Finger Style Cutaway w/narrow 48mm neck, radiused fingerboard board, 650mm scale & hard shell


Player Classical Model w/Sound Ports & Elevated Fingerboard Options

   Sound ports & elevated fingerboard options enhance sound to a higher level.

   $2,295 for Sound Ports Option w/hs case, four sizes, 650, 640, 628, 615mm

   $2,650 for Sound Ports & Elevated Fingerboard Option w/hs case

        Our best seller & the best guitar you can buy w/o spending $4,000 to $10,000.

Player Fingerstyle Model 

   $2,295 Finger Style Cutaway w/narrow 48mm neck, radiused fingerboard board, 640mm scale & hard shell case

New World Performance, Double Top Professional Model 

   Not currently available.

Kenny Hill Signature, New Century, Heritage, Signature and other Professional Models

Call or email for availability.

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